A New Year, A New Digital Safety Program

As a new year kicks off, our Boffo team is turning towards new programs and new initiatives to continue to strive for innovation in all that we do. With a few projects about to begin for our Boffo Building team, we’ve spent the last little bit gearing up to roll out a new digital safety system for all our job sites. The team has been hard at work setting up the groundwork with the new Salus Digital Tool which will allow our construction team, subtrades, consultants and basically full job sites to run our high standards of safety completely digitally. With an app for ease of access, team members and trades are automatically checked in upon arrival to site making it easier for our superintendent to manage head counts at any given time. Each trade can complete their own forms or our Boffo forms directly on the app and submit in real time. We’re also able to pull this data and can report and ensure nothing gets missed. We can track any incidents, tools, assets and more all online too. It’s basically our one-stop-shop for all things safety and allows us to continue to maintain our high COR safety standards at all our job sites. We continue to look forward to innovating the way we do things at each job site, new home and new community we work with.

To learn more about Salus, be sure to visit their website here: https://salussafety.io/product