Boffo does UDI’s Annual Golf Tournament

Our team recently had the pleasure of participating in the Annual UDI Golf Tournament at UBC Golf Club. We were thrilled to be part of this event, which provided a wonderful combination of friendly competition, networking, and friendship. From our early morning arrival to the final award presentation, the day exceeded our expectations.

To prepare for the tournament, we started with a warm-up session at the driving range, where we discussed our strategies for the day. We then set out on the beautifully maintained course, admiring the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. As we progressed through the round, we had the opportunity to meet and chat with other participants, building new connections and strengthening existing relationships.

The challenging holes on the course tested our skills and strategies and fueled our determination to excel. After completing the final hole, we returned to the clubhouse for a well-deserved BBQ feast and award presentation. Our colleague Christine was awarded the “Closest to the Pin” prize, while spot prizes were distributed throughout the event.

Reflecting on the day’s events, we were grateful for the opportunity to combine our love of golf with networking and connecting with industry professionals. The Annual UDI Golf Tournament allowed us to forge new friendships, strengthen existing bonds, and showcase our golfing abilities. We look forward to next year’s competition and the chance to continue the tradition of friendly competition and camaraderie. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to UDI for organizing such an outstanding event.