Caring For Your New Home

When you purchase a new home from Boffo Properties, our relationship doesn’t end when we present you with your keys. Our dedicated Customer Care Team is passionate about providing excellent customer service, which includes educating homeowners on how to properly care for their home.

To help our homeowners keep track of important maintenance milestones, we provide every Boffo homeowner with access to a convenient online portal. Homeowner Central by Conasys is an interactive portal that offers individualized information for every home, including: warranty information, maintenance schedules, operating manuals and product specifications. The portal is also a convenient way to track communication between each homeowner and the Boffo Customer Care Team.

One great feature the Homeowner Central portal offers is a monthly maintenance checklist to help you keep on top of routine upkeep. Courtesy of Conasys, here are some common routine maintenance items to consider for your home.


  • Dishwasher: Clean strainer, spray arms and pump. Check dishwasher drain and water connections for leaks.
  • Range hood: Clean filters often, replace filters if needed.
  • Dryer: Inspect ducts to ensure there is no clog.
  • Washing machine: Inspect water supply hoses for leaks.


  • Check extension and appliance cords, replace frayed or split cords.
  • Test and reset all GFCI and AFCI receptacles.
  • Test smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms, keep detector openings free of dust and replace batteries if needed.

Heating and Ventilation

  • Inspect and clean bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Vacuum electric baseboard heaters to remove dust.


  • Check pipes and drains for water leaks and clean drains avoid backups.
  • Flush all toilets and run water through all sinks, especially in bathrooms that are not used regularly.
  • Clean out faucet aerators, spray nozzles, and drains.


  • Check for cracks or separations and mildew in caulking around sinks, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, countertops and backsplashes, ceramic walls, resilient and ceramic floors, windowsills, and any other areas with caulking. Clean and re-caulk as necessary.
  • Check and tighten door hardware and lubricate as needed.


  • Check windows for smooth opening and closing operation. Clean tracks and weep holes, lubricate as necessary with non-oil-based lubricant.

Buying a home is likely one of the biggest investments you will make and it is important to take the right steps to care for your new home and protect your investment. Boffo Properties’ Customer Care Office Manager, Angela Wakefield, says, “staying on top of routine maintenance for your new home is easier than you think and will pay off in the long run.” By taking action now, you and your family can enjoy your new home worry free for years to come.