New Year. New Home Maintenance.

Whether your home is two years or twenty years old, there are always some great tips and tricks to keep in mind to help keep your home in tip top shape. This new year we thought we’d start with a reminder about your Dryer maintenance.

We know we need to clean out the lint filter every time we use the dryer but there are several other important things you should do regularly to help keep your dryer running safely and efficiently. These dryer maintenance tips will help save money on utility bills, save time and energy, prevent fires and extend the life of your dryer. Please be sure to consult your User Guide for equipment details.

1. Check your dryer duct’s exterior vent cap and remove any trapped lint.
2. Clean your lint screen with mild soap and water and clean regularly if you use dryer sheets.
3. Clean the drum with mild soap and water for a vinegar and water solution and clean regularly if you use dryer sheets.

At Boffo Properties, each new home community comes with a resource manual for your home. A custom homeowner portal holds appliance manuals, paint specifications and so much more. It’s all found on our Service page online. Taking care of your home is an investment of time that will help keep your home a safe haven for years to come.