Six Key Wellness Design Trends for 2021 And Beyond

As we near the one-year mark of when daily life drastically changed in BC, we thought it might be interesting to see how design has evolved because of this past year. Forbes recently highlighted some key design trends that are anticipated to be here for 2021 and beyond.

  1. Air Quality – with advances in filter technology and ventilation, this area of home and office design is gearing up for big changes.
  2. Bringing Nature Home – with more and more time spent indoors, creative ways to bring the outside in seem to be gaining in popularity.
  3. Lighting gets a Makeover – increasing natural light inside your home or including lighting designs that mimic natural light are helping to offset the extra time spent indoors.
  4. Noise Reduction becomes a priority – whether quieter appliances or more separation of spaces within the home, finding ways for families or groups of people to have multiple uses of the same space is becoming more important.
  5. Wellness Technology – think motion sensor faucets or touchless garage openers. Limiting contact points in and around the home is a new focus for germ-reducing technology.
  6. Fitness spaces re-imagined – incorporating fitness equipment in the home has also become a bigger priority over the past year. Both the space and technology to support this change is a growing trend to watch.

So whether it’s technology or space, light or air, this past year has created some potential lasting effects on how we interact with our spaces. We look forward to watching these trends continue to develop and to further incorporate some great new ideas into our future Boffo communities. To see the full piece on design and wellness trends, visit the Forbes website here.