Spread Courage

Boffo Properties has been a longtime supporter of the Italian Day Festival Society and their annual Italian Day on The Drive. Like many festivals, the Italian Days street festival did not go ahead in its usual format this year but this did not stop them from presenting an alternate creative and initiative.

Close to Boffo’s heart is our continued dedication to support and drive awareness of the needs for individuals living with mental illness, so when the Festival Society decided to include a fundraising component to support organizations, who services and funding support mental health needs, to the festival we wanted to be involved.

The Kettle Society provides invaluable services to our neighbours. They offer support, a helping hand, resources/referrals, or simply a safe space to come in from the outdoors and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Since the onset of the pandemic, The Kettle has been seeing a significant increase in the quantity of vulnerable people who have been joining them at their lunch drop-in to ensure their food security. The drop-in has seen a 113+% increase of people who have joined them each week.

As much joy as the holiday season brings, it also brings with it a great deal of stress. Traditionally, The Kettle as provided a Thanksgiving dinner, 2020 was no exception but it was executed slightly differently to ensure the safety of the members and tenants. They were still able to provide warm meals in take-away packages for both in housing and at the drop-in.

Boffo is proud to continue to support the invaluable resource and life-changing services The Kettle Society provides to people at their most vulnerable moments.

Thank you to The Kettle Society for your compassion and continuing to #sharehope.