This Summer, Bring the Outside – in.

As we finally hit the summer months it’s feeling wonderful to spend more time outdoors in the sun. Our Boffo team has been exploring our communities, enjoying outdoor festivals and finding new parks to play. But just as important as it is to spend some time in nature, we also wanted to highlight some different ways to bring nature inside your home.

Apartment Therapy has conveniently rounded up everything you’d ever need to know about how to incorporate more plants into your home in a comprehensive plant design feature. If you’re in a small space and wondering how to add plants or want to add plants to specific rooms like kitchens or bathrooms, or how to design the perfect bookshelf/plant shelf combo, you can find it all on their site here – Apartment Therapy – Plant Design.

At Boffo we’re enjoying spending times with our plants both outside and in. And yes, we definitely name our plants too.

Photo: Apartment Therapy